HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) — A beloved pet donkey was shot and killed while in a pasture in Haysville. Now, the owner is looking for answers.

“Rosie was so sweet and gentle she didn’t deserve, the good that she did for people to be shot that way,” said Donna Penley, the owner of Wheel of Fortune Ranch.

Lisa Griffith, Rosie’s owner, housed her at Wheel of Fortune.

Rosie was a 14-year-old mammoth riding donkey who was used for things like therapy and donkey rides.

Griffith says when she went to see Rosie on Thursday, she was lying dead in the pasture. She said she believes a hunter may have shot her.

“It’s just not a donkey standing around in a field, not a pasture pet, she was a friend,” Griffith said. “This is a very sad, angering thing that is going to stick with us for a very long time.”

Griffith says she contacted the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office and filed a report.

She says she also spoke with the neighbor in the field over, who told her he did not give anyone permission to hunt on his land.

Griffith says she is hoping to get a game warden out to investigate why someone was hunting on the land.