As Wichita residents and those around Kansas slow it down to get home Tuesday night, delivery drivers are also taking it slow.

“We want drivers to be very cautious,” said Pat Conner, a manager at Metro Courier of Wichita. “Give a lot of space and take your time.”

Conner says their drivers can log thousands of miles a week, and in the snow, it just takes more time.

Same with some drivers at Pizza Hut.

“It’s safety. We want to make sure our drivers are kept safe,” says john Santy, Fugate Enterprises Pizza Hut manager. “Ultimately, we know that we can not get the pizzas there as fast as we would like them to because of road conditions.”

Santy says they go over safety and they stress keeping drivers safe and others on the roadways. But they also plan ahead when the forecast calls for snow.

“We look at the forecasts, we look at the weather. Local weather (forecasting) is really pretty accurate,” said Santy. “So we start preparing a few days out trying to get all hands on deck. So you know we could get everyone in here, as many as possible, and when it snows, we do our best to try to get the pizzas to the customers on time. But ultimately, we can’t make a promise based off of the roads.”

Same goes for Metro Courier, where they do guarantee delivery times.

“We take a lot of pride in our speed and accuracy, but also in our safety record,” said Conner. “There have been times when we just will not run our routes because of the weather.”

Conner says that’s extremely rare, but it’s a business decision that makes sense for drivers can log thousands of miles a week.

“We deliver in Texas, Kansas, Missouri,” said Conner. “In this weather, we do our best.”

No rush. Nothing is worth it. We don’t want to risk anybody getting injured, our driver or somebody else on the roads. Be as safe as possible