WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The increase in quakes has some people considering earthquake insurance.

According to the Kansas Earthquake database, there have been 11 earthquakes in Sedgwick County this year when the ground moves so can the foundation of your home.

“We were actually standing in a house doing a home inspection this morning, and I thought to myself what in the world was that and come to find out it was an earthquake,” said Brad Hoffman, with Hoffman Home Inspections.

It was business as usual for home inspector Brad Hoffman Tuesday morning, but after the earthquake, he is asking homeowners to look around their homes.

“Walk around check the interior foundation for again any new cracks that you may not have noticed before and even on the interior as well,” said Hoffman.

If your house in insured with earthquake protection, Jonathan Lamunyon said chances are it won’t cover minor damage.

“Damage has to be really significant in order to file a claim, I personally and I don’t know if anyone on my team has an insurance claim for an earthquake that has been paid.

Even if you quake insurance won’t cover the small stuff, Hoffman said don’t ignore the minor damage.

“Those are things you want to keep an eye on and any forms of cracking we recommend having a company come in and seal those because that also can allow for areas of moisture to get into those cracks and obviously can get into basements and houses and things,” said Hoffman.

Lamunyon said people in Sedgwick County don’t typically sign up for earthquake protection with only about 10% of his clients choosing to be covered.