EL DORADO, Kan. (KSNW) — Despite Thursday’s chilly weather, the countdown to Memorial Day weekend is officially underway.

“I don’t like being cooped up inside a house or anything like that. I’d rather be out here in nature,” Cody Roetto-Schmitz, said.

“There’s no heat in the Marina, so I had to wait until it warmed up a little bit, but we’re ready, we’re stocked and full,” Debbie Haled, with the Shady Lake Marina, said.

Haled has worked at the marina for 24 years.

“For me, the best year was 2020 when COVID hit and our lake was packed,” Haled said.

“It was the only thing that kept us sane during that whole thing,” Rick Bloom, a regular for the past 10 years, said.

With all reservations booked through 2022, Bloom says he expects a similar turnout this holiday weekend.

“If you don’t book about a year in advance, you’re not going to get one,” Bloom said.

“Our docks are completely full. We have no room for nobody else,” Haled said.

But this year’s fun doesn’t come without a hefty price increase. While the typical average for gas ranges between $3.99-$4.29 per gallon, the average at the marina this year is $5.29 per gallon.

Bloom says the higher gas prices have him thinking twice about how much boating he’ll do this weekend.

“You have a bunch of friends come out, you might be saying, ‘Hey, can you chip in for some gas money?'” Bloom said.

But Bloom says reconnecting with old friends will definitely be worth the price.

“We can come out here in 30 minutes. It’s perfect for us. Gonna have a lot of people out here, and it’s gonna be a blast. It’s going to be a real Memorial Day weekend,” Bloom said.