Family identifies Wichita woman found in dumpster

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - Family members identified the body of a 38-year-old woman found in a dumpster on South Seneca as Leuh Moore. Moore's maiden name was Jackson. 

Police turned their investigation to a home about 10 blocks north on West Dayton where they believe the crime happened.

"She was murdered last night and left in a dumpster," said Leland Jackson, Leuh's brother. 

Jackson is having a difficult time stomaching what happened to his sister.

"I thought when my sister neighbor called me it was joke," said Jackson. "At the moment, I have no feelings. I can barely even cry."

Jackson said his sister lived here. He describes her as a selfless person.

"She was a loving, sweet person. She loved everybody. She would do for others no matter if it left her with nothing," he added. 

Police canvassed the home where Jackson said she lived while carefully bagging evidence.

Jackson surrounded by the rest of his family says they now have to take care of Leuh's son.

"The joy of her life was her kids. The one that it hurts the most is my nephew. Now, he is without a mom. It was very hard to explain to him what happened to his mother."

It wont be easy, but Jackson says they'll get through this together.

The family of Leuh Moore has started a gofundme page. Click here for more. 

On Tuesday, Police arrested Moore's 30-year-old husband in Davenport, Iowa in connection to the murder. Iowa officials identified the suspect as Donnell Stafford. He's being held in an Iowa jail pending extradition to Kansas on a first-degree murder charge.

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