WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Autumn Haverkamp was stabbed twice Sunday before getting help from employees at a downtown bar who called the paramedics. Her parents tell KSN News that they are happy it happened minutes from the nearest hospital.

“I was terrified, absolutely terrified. I could hear the nurse on the other phone, and mean, we both are nurses. We’ve worked in ICU, and I knew exactly potentially what was going on,” Melissa & Kris Haverkamp. “It’s not the kind of call that you want to get ever so kind of like we were both just shocked.”

When authorities got a hold of Melissa and Kris, Autumn was already in surgery. They rushed to the hospital.

“We were out the door before he was off the phone with a nurse, but me, it took us 10 minutes to get there from here, and it was really long 10 minutes.”

They say Autumn’s liver was lacerated about three inches across where many major blood vessels run.

“I mean, it was a life-threatening injury and was terrifying to hear. So I mean, that’s such a vital area that it is just so lucky that, that she’s still with us.”

According to Melissa and Kris, it will be a couple of months before Autumn is physically back to where she was before the attack.

“The trauma of it, you know. It’s hard to say how that will playoff, but obviously, we’re gonna be here to support her, you know. It’s just it, you know, injures your kind of faith in humanity.”

Autumn’s parents say they would like to see more safety measures in place in Wichita’s downtown.

Autumn was released from the hospital on Tuesday. Police arrested 27-year-old Jeffery Elam, a person of interest in the case.

Here is the GoFundMe set up for the Autumn.