The Finch family was thrown into the spotlight in December when Andrew Finch was killed by a WPD officer on the front porch of his own home.

They are continuing to ask questions about the case and the officer who fired the deadly shot.

Thursday, District Attorney Marc Bennett held a news briefing. During the briefing he announced the officer who fired the deadly shot at Andrew Finch will not be charged with any wrongdoing

To put Thursday’s news into perspective, KSN was told about the press conference just an hour before it happened. So, the family had no idea this was coming and they are devastated. 

Ann Jones is a spokesperson for the family. She told KSN’s John Asebes that Lisa Finch, Andrew Finch’s mother, spoke with her on the phone after they learned the news and the family is shocked. 

Andrew Stroth, the attorney for the family, released the following statement from the family Thursday:

The family is devastated and disappointed by the District Attorney’s decision. Andy Finch was unjustifiably and unconstitutionally executed in the sanctity of his own home.

The Finch family plans to speak at the next city council meeting.