HESSTON, Kan. (KSNW) – Two smaller communities in Kansas. Both with a big volunteer problem.

“Yes, there’s a huge need for volunteers. We need to keep this going,” said Chief Jon RobertS, Burrton Fire/EMS.

“Both fire and EMS are challenged with having enough volunteers,” said Russ Buller, Hesston fire and EMS.

They both need staff. Burrton has one full-time employee.

Buller has four people on paid staff in Hesston.

“We’ve had and continue to have great community support,” said Buller. “But we just need to get more people to dedicate their time.”

Both Buller and Roberts say it’s getting to be a bigger ask to bring on volunteers.

“We have a lot of dedicated people to make sure that every day every call is staffed,” said Buller. “Mutual aid is keeping all our heads afloat right now to make sure calls are covered.”

“I don’t know how to get more volunteers,” said Roberts. “It’s just time. Everybody’s stretched thin. They’ve got their careers. Kids.”

Roberts says he wants people in the Burrton area to call.

“Give them my cell,” said Roberts. “Call me. Volunteer. “

Roberts’ cell number, by the way, is 620-899-3703.