WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Fourth of July in a new Riverfront Stadium is turning out to be a big hit.

“This is fantastic, we are really happy to have this here,” said Leo, as he chased his 2-year-old daughter Chloe around the stadium on the Fourth of July.

Leo and Heidy moved to Wichita from the Miami, Florida area and now call Wichita home.

“So, this is really the first Fourth that we get to celebrate out here,” said Leo.

Others got out as early as five in the afternoon to get a good seat for the Red, White and Boom show.

“I love to watch fireworks, that’s about it for me,” said James. “And I’m thanking all the soldiers for their service.”

Others came in full red, white and blue outfits to enjoy Red, White & BOOM!

“We feel like it’s the Fourth of July, yeah,” said Miles, who came with his bride of 64 years, Jeanie. “We used to shoot firecrackers, but now, they’re too loud for us.”

Jeanie laughed and corrected Miles to say it’s been 64 and three-quarter years.

“This is our tradition,” said Jeanie.

As Luke tumbled in and out of a bouncy house, his dad Adam said he’s happy to add Red, White & BOOM! to their traditions.

“Traditionally get a couple of fireworks. Shoot off fireworks. Sometimes big fireworks sometimes little,” said Adam. “We are having fun today. This is really nice.”