WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The City of Wichita had snowplow crews out and about Monday, plus heating and cooling businesses are experiencing an influx in calls as the colder weather hits.

Wichita crews started at midnight, preparing the trucks and having the salt and sand ready.

By the time the snow hit on Monday, crews had already treated many main roads and emergency routes.

“We have over 60 trucks. We are fully staffed. We have all the salt sand mix, so we are ready for whatever any storm this season throws at us,” said Megan Lovely, City of Wichita communications manager.

But it’s not just the roads being treated. People are making sure their heaters are ready too.

“As soon as it got cold, the phones lit up,” said Mike McDowell, Dan’s Heating and Cooling general manager.

Dan’s Heating and Cooling saw at least 20 customers without heat on Monday.

McDowell said when turning on your thermostat for the first time, turn it up a few degrees higher than you usually would.

“So that you can listen to your system hear that it turns on if it doesn’t turn on, you’ve got an issue,” said McDowell.

McDowell said it’s also good to check your furnace filter and recommends getting on a preventive maintenance program to avoid any issues this winter.

“If you’ve got yourself in over your head with your system, call a licensed professional out to have them look at it for you,” said McDowell.

Experts also recommend you check your carbon monoxide detector is working.

As heating bills start to come in, Kansas offers a low-income energy assistance program. You can learn more here.

The City of Wichita asks if you are driving in these conditions, slow down and allow for plenty of room for the snowplows.