HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) – His livelihood gone in a matter of seconds. That after a fire ripped through a Haysville man’s garage.

The pro motocross rider lost the very things he needs to compete.

Jason Richey says it was around 6 a.m. last Monday that he woke up for work and saw his family’s garage on fire. He says almost everything he’s worked for is gone.

Flames, as high as the trees, could be seen shooting out of this garage.

“Flames were huge, there wasn’t really no stopping it after that.”

It belongs to Jason Richey’s parents, and it stored almost everything Jason owned.

“A spare motor from my Harley.”

He was living there, while recovering from an accident.

“Corner tables, some clothes, dishes, a little bit of everything that was sitting in there from when I was living on my own,” said Richey.

It’s also where he kept old and new racing bikes. Jason has been motor cross racing since he was nine-years-old.

“I had over 10 bikes in there and all my race gas and my gasoline and everything that was in there for the bikes, so the fire eventually started to get worse.”

Firefighters put out the flames, but investigators were unable to determine the cause. The division chief says the building and contents were too destroyed to tell what happened.

“I only want to say I bought it probably, it was less than a month ago.”

It’s a loss that Jason says, he can’t wrap his head around.

“Really, everything I own was in there to be honest with you.”

But Jason says he will bounce back, and he is trying to keep the faith.

“Try to keep your head high and move on from it.”

Jason says he would like to continue to ride, but he will need to work to replace his bikes and gear first.