WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Restaurants have taken a big hit during the pandemic, but Thursday there is a renewed effort to keep local spots open.

A Wichita teacher said he was bored when he came up with the idea of food bingo. The goal is to have people try restaurants new to them and help these small businesses survive the pandemic. The owner of this bar and grill says help is needed

“It’s been touch and go we have good days and bad days,” said Richards.

New business owner Wade Richards said one of his goals in life is to open and run his own restaurant, but opening during a pandemic didn’t play into it.

“With the COVID thing going on now our hours got short, you just deal with it, and we are surviving it’s been rough,” said Richards.

But Richards said he has some new found hope.

“I couldn’t believe it, you know we have been hanging in,” said Richards.

An-Ex bar and grill was chosen to be the first of many restaurants for a new food bingo ICT page.

“The reason why I created this is to give the spotlight to businesses that don’t have as much or a presence or that many customers,” said Morgan.

Tyler Morgan said it was boredom that inspired food bingo, now each week a local restaurant will be featured and if participants go to all of the selected restaurants for the month they’re eligible to win a prize.

“We’re hoping once it gets up and running that more people will respond because the more people we have the funnier it’s going to be,” said Morgan

Click here for the Food Bingo link.