WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A fire broke out on the site of the Joyland Amusement Park Saturday night around 7 p.m. The park is located on East Wassall Street.

Wichita Fire Department works to extinguish a fire at the old Joyland Amusement Park

According to the Wichita Fire Department, the fire started in the Log Jame ride in the middle of the park, and the embers spread to create some smaller fires that were extinguished.

The fire department has been called to fight fires at the location before.

“I couldn’t say, seems like once a year one of the outbuildings are started on fire,” said Batallion Chief Doug Winter, Wichita Fire Department.

The fire department is working on debris cleanup and making sure another fire doesn’t break out later tonight.

The fire chief also said that throughout town the last few days they have received calls of vacant buildings catching fire, and urged citizens to secure vacant properties to reduce the risk of fire.