WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Friends of Preston Spencer say he was one of those rare individuals that always would check up on you, and when he asked how you were doing, he meant it.

“He didn’t want you to lie to him. So if you were having a bad day, he wanted to know why were your day was bad and how could he help it. And I think we were lucky enough to be a part of his family, and we considered him family here as well,” explained Ronnie Williams, The Stop bar manager.

The Stop is one of those bars where many of its patrons are regulars, where everyone knows each other. Preston Spencer was one of the stop’s most beloved regulars. Tonight, his favorite seat in his favorite bar was reserved for a man known as a friend to many.

“So when you see all of these people come together and then you can share all of the great memories and experiences with one great guy, it lets you know how awesome he really was,” Jordan Manning, a friend of Spencer, said.

One thing Spencer could never do, pass up an opportunity to talk about his family.

“Salt of the earth. He was a stand-up man. Family first, and if it wasn’t family, the friends that he considered family second. And to be lucky enough to be put in that cut was something awesome,” added Matt Jones, a bartender at The Stop.

His friends heard that Preston immediately became a protector for those he was with when the shooting started. Not shocking when you know the type of person he was.

“I was up here Friday with him,” explained Manning. “He walked in as I left and said, ‘I love you, man. If you need anything, let me know,’ and that’ll have been the last time I saw him, and it’s going to be hard not to have that again because he was just one of those people you would look up and get ready to go say hi to.”

The stop is hosting a fundraiser in Spencer’s honor this Friday at 6 p.m. All proceeds will be going directly to Spencer’s family.