WASHINGTON – Bob Dole is lying in state at the U.S. Capitol. President Joe Biden and others gathered Thursday to pay tribute to the man Biden called a “giant of our history.” 

Dole, who served nearly 36 years in Congress, died Sunday at the age of 98.

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He was born in Russell. Dole suffered paralyzing and near-fatal wounds after being shot in World War II that sent him home with a severely damaged right arm that he could not use to shake hands.

After earning a law degree, he worked as county attorney and served as a Kansas state legislator before running for Congress in 1960, joining the House for eight years then going on to win the Senate seat. He was the GOP’s presidential nominee in 1996, his third and final campaign for president — a race he never won.

The former senator announced in February 2021 a diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer.