GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Garden City’s largest outdoor pool could be closing at the end of the summer.

Everyday, 200,000 gallons of water seep out of Garden City’s Big Pool.

The cause of the leakage is unknown, but city officials said it is due to old concrete.

“The concrete is old,” Garden City’s Assistant Manager Jennifer Cunningham said. “It’s getting to the end of its life cycle.”

The leaking is causing pool employees to spend over $3,000 per day to refill the pool and add chemicals.

“It’s super expensive,” Cunningham said.

The city is looking at options to repair or build a new pool.

Currently, there are three proposals that city residents can vote on.

One swim coach told KSN she uses this pool everyday for her swim teams.

“It’s the only place that we have a 50 meter pool, which is a longer distance,” Garden City resident Jennifer Meng said. “We have other facilities, but they are not the size of the competition pools.”

She said if the city decides to close the pool, it will be a big loss for the community.

“Living in Garden City my whole life, with the exception of a few years, I think it makes everybody sad that this would be shutting down, but I understand why they need to,” she said.

City officials are still deciding whether to close the original pool.

The next city meeting will be mid July.