WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Gas prices are continuing to climb. One station in Haysville even reached the $5 mark Wednesday. Many people and businesses have no choice but to keep buying gas no matter the price.

“As a moving company, you know, we’re always using our trucks,” said Kirsten Awe, founder and CEO of RightSize Moving Solutions.

Those moving trucks are taking diesel — the highest option at the pump. A necessary price, though, to keep the business running.

“They only get eight to 10 miles to the gallon, especially if they’re fully loaded. So it’s very, very expensive,” Awe said.

According to Awe, they have already spent more than $10,000 on gas this year. This time last year, it was only $7,000.

“We can absorb some of that, but at some point, you know, we have had to raise our rates to, you know, compensate for those additional dollars that we’ve had to spend,” she said.

Last month, Awe bit the bullet and added a fuel surcharge for services.

“So that way, if prices do go down again, it’s real easy to adjust that number,” she said.

The constant rise in gas trickling down to other parts of their business as well.

“We have our truck in the shop. We need to get you to know some repairs. Those repairs have gone up, those parts and pieces have gone up because freight prices have gone up because fuel prices have gone up, so it really affects every aspect of our company,” Awe said.

In comparison, Awe says their moving company is luckier than others across the country since they stay in Kansas.