WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The next time you plan to head to a state park in Kansas, you may want to visit the library first. Some libraries across the state have vehicle permits you can check out for free.

Kansas State Parks partnered with the Kansas Public Library System to provide library patrons with daily vehicle permits. The permits are available through December.

The daily vehicle permits provide the permit holder with admission to any of Kansas’ 28 state parks free of charge.

How It Works

  • Visit a participating library and ask to check out a “Kansas State Parks Vehicle Permit.” Click here to see the list of participating libraries.
  • Each issued vehicle permit is valid for one day only, which will be written on the front of the permit.
  • Patrons using a daily vehicle permit must display the permit in their vehicle windshield when entering a Kansas state park.
  • Park permits do not need to be returned to participating libraries. They can be thrown away once used or when the permit expires.
  • The check-out process may vary at each participating library. It is up to each library to determine how many permits may be checked out at any given time and how many permits each library patron may check out in total. Contact your local participating library for complete details.

“We’re committed to making sure Kansas state parks remain accessible to all,” Kansas State Parks director Linda Lanterman said in a news release. “Through this collaborative effort with Kansas Public Libraries, we’re able to remove a financial barrier for some who may not have been able to enjoy our natural resources otherwise. I’m excited for the individuals and families who will benefit from this, because they won’t regret making the trip to a Kansas state park.”

The list of more than four dozen Kansas libraries includes Kansas City, Topeka, and Manhattan. Wichita is not on the list.

Libraries interested in participating should contact program coordinators Riston Landwehr at riston.landwehr@ks.gov or Kati Westerhaus at kati.westerhaus@ks.gov. Libraries pay $5 for the permits that are sold in books of 25. If they have any leftover passes at the end of the year, they can get a refund from the State Parks Division.

To locate at Kansas state park nearest you, visit ksoutdoors.com/State-Parks/Locations.