WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) — If you stepped outside on Thursday, you know it’s cold. For some, working in the freezing temperatures is just another day on the job.

From construction crews to firefighters, many workers do not have a choice but to work in these cold temperatures. They said they have a job to get done.

“We have a job to get done,” said Troy Parks, an installation manager at Mid America Exteriors.

Rain or shine, hot or cold, for some workers, there is no avoiding the outdoors.

“We try to not work outside for long periods of time. We move a little slower and take a lot of breaks,” said Park.

One Mid America Exteriors crew braving the cold and slicing through the work.

“What you’re not gonna get any bugs in your house today it’s easier to heat it back up than to cool is back down it’s a perfect day,” said Park.

Regardless of the temperature, when a call comes in, firefighters are on their way.

“The cold creates several challenges for us as firefighters since our primary extinguishing agent is water,” said Captain Mark Misek, with the Wichita Fire Department.

From freezing hoses to freezing men, the fire department takes extra precautions once the temperature drops.

“We will send additional units to alarms this time of year so we can cycle members out of the firefight and more a more rehabilitation role to kinda rewarm and limit any cold-weather injuries we may incur,” said Captain Misek.

Workers said when all else fails, they rely on extra layers and warm gloves to get by.