KSN continues to share some of the stories about the long-lasting relationship with the Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.

Several KSN employees are Bigs, including reporter Amanda Aguilar.

Amanda and her Little, Ximena, have been matched for almost a year.

“We hang out at least once a week, and now we can’t imagine life without one another,” shared Amanda.

They have movie nights, bake cupcakes, and play at the park.

“I like having a big sister because I always get to hang out with her,” said Ximena.

Amanda and her Little have become best friends.

“We laugh a lot,” Ximena said.

“We laugh way too much,” said Amanda.

She added that being a big sister is a lot more than just having fun.

“It’s about being a role model,” Amanda said. “Teaching your Little right from wrong.”

Ximena recalled a time she stood up to a boy at a park.

“I told this boy that you don’t say bad words because you’re still a kid,” Ximena said.

While Ximena learns from her Big, Amanda said it’s amazing to see how much she learns from her Little.

Amanda has learned the importance of selflessness and how to live in the moment.

“I’ll never regret my decision to become a Big,” she said. “Every day I see my relationship with Ximena evolve. This isn’t just a volunteer activity anymore. It’s part of my life.”

If you’d like more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters, call 1-888-KS4-BIGS or go to the BBBS website.