WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Many people across the nation are taking the time to donate to their favorite organizations on this Giving Tuesday. A few local organizations are benefiting from people’s generosity.

These groups said every dollar given counts. “It’s just, you know, trickling in $20 at a time,” said Max Wilson, the Executive Director of the Crown Uptown Theater. 

As a new nonprofit, this is the first year the Crown Uptown participated in Giving Tuesday.

“It’s time for us to make sure that we can put as much quality on the stage as possible, which is what those dollars will end up doing for us,” continued Wilson. 

As a small organization in its first year, Empower is happy to see the community they support is already returning the favor.

“Those who have come to our programs have used this as an opportunity to give back to something that they’ve been a part of,” said Ariel Rodriguez, Executive Director of Empower.

The Orpheum Theater will turn 100 next year and has secured a donor to match incoming donations up to 50 thousand dollars.

“We’re hoping to get up to that 50,000 and bring 100,000 in for the theater operations,” said Stacee Olden, the Development Director at the Orpheum. 

“Essentially, you could say that yes, yes, let’s do this another 100 years,” continued Olden. 

These groups said they are touched by the generosity of the community. 

“Giving Tuesday’s a day where everyone feels that collective energy about supporting their favorite organizations, and so it’s really cool to see Wichita come together and support their favorite organizations,” concluded Rodriguez.