Governor Jeff Colyer was in Wichita Tuesday to announce the beginning of deal to make traffic move along the I-235 and I-135 

“So roads are essential for us because we are in the middle of the United States. We need them for manufacturing for agricultural access, and it’s an opportunity for the future,” said Colyer.

As traffic moved along behind the governor between Broadway and Meridian, he said you can expect that to slow a bit starting in the spring with the beginning phase called the green project.

FACT SHEET | North Junction reconstruction project

“This will be a three year project, so there will be some inconvenience for drivers. We’re going to keep those drive times open with two lanes open in each direction on 235,” said Tom Hein, Kansas Department of Transportation.

Hein said I-235 westbound from about Broadway will be down to one lane during the day for a couple of years to put on a new overlay, remove the Seneca bridge and also add longer merging lanes.

The ramps coming off Broadway will be improved. They were built decades ago. The ramps will be changed to allow trucks easier access. And once this $65 million phase is done in 2021, they get moving on the I-235 and I-135 part of the project.

“This sets up the project that will eventually be the first phase of fixing that North Junction bottleneck that we have every morning and every evening.”

Hein said that next piece will move traffic with a direct connect from I-235 onto K-96, without dealing with any merging traffic off I-135.