BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Fire crews in Butler County worked six separate grass fires on Wednesday afternoon.

One of the fires, near NW 30th and Shumway, was getting close to some homes and other buildings.

None ended up being damaged, but if it wasn’t for one Butler County teen, that might have not been the case.

Jacob Garbee noticed the fire approaching his grandma’s home.

“I saw a fire over the road about a mile south. It was just a small fire so I went and drove and looked at it. It wasn’t anything like big.”

It didn’t take long for the fire to get close.

“It was up almost to her house, and another guy showed up, and we hosed it, and kept it away from the house until the fire department got there. There wasn’t really anything else to do, and it was about 20 yards from the house so we had to keep it off somehow,” said Garbee.

His grandma has seen a few fires near her property back in the day.

“He was kind of worried, he wanted me to leave, and I said, ‘oh, I don’t want to leave. I can’t even get in your pickup.’ He was kind of shook up I guess because he had been watering and putting it out,” said Pat Mitchell, Jacob’s grandma.

“I’m proud of him that he did do that. That he came, and he was trying to get grandma out of here, and I don’t think she wanted to leave so he just started helping out however he could,” said Jonna Garbee, Jacob’s mom.

Potwin Fire Chief Heath Austin said the blaze that started near NW 30th and Shumway happened because a person living in the area attempted to burn some grass in their yard, but it quickly got out of control because of the high winds.

KSN Chief Meteorologist Lisa Teachman said the KSN Storm Tracker Radar showed several smoke plumes across the state Wednesday. The fires were being fueled by strong winds and dry conditions.