WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Thanks to a strong push from the community and a change in rules, a group of drag kings and queens held a private Halloween reading event at a Wichita library Monday evening.

This comes after a similar event caused some controversy.

The event was called “HalloQueen.” And while it wasn’t nearly as big as the first reading, with only a few dozen attending this time, it was also far less controversial.

“One of my favorite parts was the candy,” said Wichitan Quinn Byers.

“Show my support for the LGBTQ community,” said Dawna Raehpour on why she attended.

HalloQueen brought together people of all ages Monday to enjoy treats, rock their favorite costumes, and hear stories from drag kings and queens.

“The book I read is called ‘Red’ and it was about a crayon that had a red label but was obviously a blue crayon, and tried to fit in with society,” said Pretti Boi Demornay, one of the drag king’s who read at the event.

That was just one of several stories shared at the Halloween themed event, all sharing a similar message.

“Not every kid grows up seeing themselves represented themselves in literature, and I think that’s a really important aspect of this whole thing,” said Dawna Raehpour, a Benton resident who attended.

“We knew it would be fun, but I also want the kids to be aware of different lifestyles,” said Ronnie Maness.

“We wanted to come back and support the LGBTQ community that I’m a member of, and it was a whole lot of fun,” said Holly Byers, a Wichitan.

Because this was a private rental group, they did not have to follow the same guidelines as library programs.

Organizers tell KSN News this was an inclusive event intended to offer safe trick-or-treating.