WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Taking the right winterization steps now can cut down on costly damage later.

Sprinkler systems tend to be an easy target for cold temperatures.

“What we see a lot of when we talk about freeze damages is 80% on the backflow device whether that be first-time homeowners, or out of sight, out of mind, or maybe we just happen to have an overnight hard freeze. One of the things you want to take into consideration is where it’s at on your house,” Dean Nestor, Reddi irrigation technician, said.

Because the backflow prevention device sits above the ground, having the proper covering for the device is extremely important.

“Wrap it up with a blanket or a towel, and then put a trash can or a trash bag over the top. Some sort of moisture barrier to keep that snow, cold, ice or anything off of it,” Luke Dreier, general manager of Apex Lawn Irrigation, said.

Motor vehicles also are prone to having issues when temperatures reach below 32 degrees. Bryan Yost, owner of Yost Auto Care, says they get a lot of business when the weather starts to change.

“Whenever there is an extreme from hot to cold, that’s when we start to see a large influx of vehicles,” Yost said.

Getting the batteries and tires checked can also be a good preventative measure to help keep your car out of the shop.

“A lot of people have problems with tires. As your temperatures get cold, your tires lose PSI, and so it’s a good idea to check those,” Yost said.

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