HAVEN, Kan. (KSNW) — The City of Haven in Reno County will remove “In God We Trust” decals from its police vehicles.

During the Haven City Council meeting Monday evening, Council Member Sandra Williams voiced concern over the decals and about the Haven Police Department Facebook page having quotes from Scriptures.

Williams said she did not think the police department was the proper forum to be talking about God.

According to a draft of the meeting minutes, a “brief exchange occurred” between Williams and Police Chief Stephen Schaffer.

Schaffer then asked if it was a directive from the Council. Mayor Adam Wright said it was.

Williams made a motion to remove the “In God We Trust” decals from the police vehicles and to remove Scripture quotes from the police Facebook page. Council Member Kylie Rush seconded the motion.

(Courtesy Haven Police Department)

It passed unanimously. The mayor said the police department has to have the decals and quotes removed by the next meeting on May 16.

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