HAYSVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) — A Kansas town is left without a doctor as Haysville Family Medcenter is closing. Some patients say they were given no notice or just days notice about the closure.

Tony Bruner and his family had been going to Haysville Family Medcenter for at least three years. He said he tried to make an appointment for his daughter just a few weeks ago.

“I still haven’t received anything written or notification that they’re closing,” Bruner said.

“They said she would have to establish as a new patient, I said okay, so when do we set up an appointment? They said we have no open appointments for anyone,” Bruner said.

Haysville Mayor Russ Kessler says the clinic will officially close on Labor Day, Sept. 5. He says he’s made phone calls to other area providers in the hopes of bringing someone in to take over.

“My involvement was reaching out to other professionals and sending them towards Dr. Parman because the city is not going to make a deal between a private person and a corporation,” Kessler said.

The clinic’s upcoming closure has patients scrambling to find care elsewhere.

“It’s kind of scary like if people go to Derby, only doctors will take so many people,” Haysville resident Teresa Anderson said.

That scenario is already playing out for some patients.

“I have seven kids, so it’s very frustrating trying to find a new doctor to take all of us in,” said Christine Kinyanjui, a patient.

Ilene Bonson, a Haysville resident, says she now has to travel to Goddard to receive care. She added that she’s concerned about potential impacts on the Haysville economy.

“Especially since COVID, a lot of businesses have closed down, and if you lose medical, the community just starts shrinking…we like it small but we don’t like it to be so small that it disappears,” Bonson said.