WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — A standoff in north Wichita Sunday morning ended with the suspect, now identified as a 39-year-old man, being shot by law enforcement.

According to Wichita Police Department Interim Chief Lem Moore, 911 received a call around 9 a.m. for the report of domestic violence involving shots being fired.

The call came out near the intersection of 45th Street North and Arkansas.

Officers learned the suspect had barricaded himself in a shed at the back of the home.

According to Moore, officers were aware of the suspect’s history of violence, which included shots being fired.

Although not able to make contact face to face, the Wichita Police Department (WPD) says they were able to talk to the suspect through a phone call. Shortly after, the suspect decided to end communication with officials.

Wichita police say an hour later, negotiators were called to the scene in an attempt to negotiate and talk the suspect out safely.

Around noon, the SWAT team was called out to continue to work with the suspect.

SWAT tossed another phone to the suspect, who further refused to talk, according to the WPD.

At that time, Moore says the suspect began shooting shots randomly from outside the shed. He says around four to five shots were fired and that Wichita police are still trying to track down where they landed. One of the shots struck a WPD car.

What brought the standoff to an end, according to Wichita police, was that the suspect stepped outside of the shed to shoot again, and one shot was fired by an officer, stopping the suspect.

EMS was then able to move in and start working on the suspect. He was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

An investigation is ongoing. KSN News will provide more information as it becomes available.