BUTLER COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Some Wichita Boy Scouts and one of their troop leaders are being named heroes after they helped save the life of a woman who crashed in hazardous weather condition on Tuesday in Butler County.

The three scouts and leader were on their way from a baseball game to Quivira Scout Ranch when they passed several accidents along Highway 400. The group said they saw cars sliding off the road because of heavy rain.

At one point, they came up to a white SUV overturned in a culvert on the side of the highway.

“We stopped immediately and jumped out and ran into the water,” said Michael Seay, father and boy scout troop leader. “I didn’t see anybody and reached around in the water and I found her arm.”

It was a woman. Seay said she appeared to be in her mid 40’s and was the only one in the car. He tried to pull her out from the passenger’s side but was unable to and could not get her seat belt unbuckled.

“I kept thinking of my mom,” said Seay.

He ran back up to the Highway where his son, Anthony had a pocket knife. It was the only knife the group had.

Meanwhile, another driver pulled over to help and the other scouts called 911.

“I knew that nobody else was there,” said Reece Renteria, boy scout. “So, nobody else could do it.”

“I’ve never called 911, so I was scared,” said Jackson Jones, boy scout.

Seay was able to cut the unresponsive driver’s seat belt and pull her out with the help of the other driver who pulled over. Seay performed first aid on the driver and a few minutes later, she took a breath.

“I turned her head to the side and a little water came out,” said Seay. “She started blowing bubbles out of her nose and she started breathing soon after that.”

Tire tracks are left in the mud on the side of Highway 400 as a reminder of the scary moments they experienced.

“I had knots in my stomach, and I didn’t know if he was gonna pull out a dead or alive person,” said Anthony Seay, boy scout.

The four guys said they couldn’t have done it without the skills they learned in Boy Scouts, or each other.

“It told me exactly what to do in this kind of situation,” said Jones.

“I couldn’t have done it without them,” said Michael Seay. “She wouldn’t be here without the boys.”

According to the crash report, the victim was alert and responsive when first responders arrived on scene. She was transported to a local hospital. KSN has reached out to the hospital for the condition of the victim, but has not heard back.

Officials said hazardous weather conditions played a major role in this accident.