WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — It’s the season of giving, and for the Wichita State University (WSU) Shocker Women’s Basketball Head Coach Keitha Adams, that means giving shelter dogs a new lot in life — turning a tragic loss in her life into moments of triumph.

Wichita State University shocker women’s basketball team dog, Champ (KSN Photo)

“I lost my boxer last February,” Adams said. “[Champ] is the first rescue dog that I’ve had because I’ve normally had boxers, but he’s got such a great personality.”

Adams adopted Champ in August after he was rescued from a home along with 14 other dogs.

“There were 10 puppies, and seven of them, they got parvo. Seven of them survived … they found homes for all of them but Champ, so I said, ‘Well, I’ll come get Champ,'” Adams said.

After Champ’s adoption, Adams wondered how she could help other rescue dogs. That’s when a friend of hers gave her an idea.

“I have a dear friend who really thought Champ looked like a Shocker dog and started talking about, ‘Aw, you oughta get these outfits, and you oughta do this,'” Adams said.

That idea — sharing Champ’s story on the Jumbotron.

“I told Chelsie, our video coordinator, I’m like, ‘Hey, let’s make this video. Let’s see how Champ does,’ and he did a great job with it,” Adams said. “We had a lot of fun.”

Wichita State University shocker women’s basketball team dog, Champ (KSN Photo)

When you attend Shocker Women’s Basketball games, you can expect to see Champ’s story on the Jumbotron during the second quarter. Each game also features a picture of a dog at the Kansas Humane Society.

Adams says she plans on making more videos to keep promoting the KHS during basketball games.