WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Rain is not getting in the way of several Kansas high school football games Friday. The teams have no choice but to brave the conditions.

“If they’re moving, those players don’t mind this. They’re young and ready to go, and it’s playoff football,” said Lance Deckinger, Northwest High School’s Athletic Director.

It’s do-or-die during playoffs.

“The biggest thing is we got to be able to roll with it, you know, we got to play the game no matter what you got to get it in. So we’re gonna have some tents on the sideline and a lot of towels to keep the balls dry,” said John Coslett, Circle High School Athletic Director.

Circle High School is one of the teams hosting a playoff game.

“The turf helps us out a ton, you know, if it was natural grass, guys would be sliding all over the place and slipping. But we have a really, really great turf and we’ve taken great care of it all year,” said Logan Clothier, Circle High School Head Football Coach.

Over in Kingman, they have a natural grass field. Expecting the rain, their crews prepped a day early by mowing and painting the field.

“It’s holding up quite well with the crown being the way it is. It’s draining to the side, so it’s wet on the sidelines, but the field is in fantastic shape. Our maintenance guys, they do a great job maintaining that week in and week out, and we’ll be ready to play,” said Rollie Van Wyhe, Kingman High School Assistant Vice Principal and Athletic Director.

As for the fans, the teams’ advice for you is simply to come prepared.

“Bring an umbrella, some blankets, and go to the concession stand and buy some hot chocolates,” Deckinger said.

“Bring their ponchos, their wet weather gear and bear the weather, ” said Coslett.

If lightning happens within 10 miles of a game, there will be a 30-minute delay until it clears.