WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Nomar neighborhood in Wichita is known for its strong Latino influence. A new non-profit in the area is aiming to help further develop the resources available to its residents. 

Empower Evergreen was four years in the making before it was officially founded in March. The nonprofit’s mission is to educate the Hispanic community in Wichita in small business development, education, and the workforce. 

“So we really just want to help connect local residents here at the Evergreen Community Center to all the amazing resources that are in Wichita,” said Ariel Rodríguez, Executive Director of Empower.

Rodriguez said often times the Hispanic community is unaware of the support available to them and his goal is to change that.

“I think there’s just a lot of barriers from both languages, maybe location, and so we want to help play a middle organization to connect those resources to the community,” he continued.

One thing the group does is educate Latinos on how to go about present endeavors.

“So we’ve been able to host some small business classes, really focusing on how do you start your business. What are all the nuances that you need to think about at the very beginning.”

They also help plan for the future. “We’ve been able to host some college sessions, thinking about how to get your family or thinking about your student for further education.”

Rodriguez added that the new community center at Evergreen opening in December will allow Empower to work alongside other organizations with the same goal.

“So we really think we’re going to be able to have good foot traffic and so we’re going to be able to help each other, connect to different resources, and also be able to educate more people with larger space and now bigger and better program area.”

Making an impact in the community is important to Rodriguez.

“It called to me personally, and my family. You know, being Hispanic I can connect to it and think about the impact that it would have on my family, you know, the north end and our Hispanic residents. I mean, we’re a growing population in Wichita, and so having these resources are important and vital for the city to succeed,” he concluded.

Empower evergreen is hosting events all through Hispanic Heritage month. For more information click here