PARK CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Many of us are relying on Amazon to deliver many of our gifts. So how does the online retailer make sure to get the right goods to you? KSN got a behind-the-scenes look at the Amazon facility in Park City.

The facility just opened up four months ago. It runs 24/7 with employees working around the clock to make sure your Christmas arrives on time. We got to see how it all works.

It’s the first Christmas for the Park City Amazon facility. The size is more than 12 football fields.

“Every day we inbound at least 30 to 40,000 incoming items into our building,” said James Kwok, the site leader at ICT2.

From floor to ceiling, the facility has an inventory of 2 million packages, many of them waiting to be ordered.

“Amazon uses a lot of the historical data and just planning ahead of time so we have all of the right products in our inventory so as soon as someone places an order we are able to get it in time,” said Kwok.

Once a customer clicks “buy,” the package makes its way over to packing employees, who then box it up and send it on its way. Four hours later it’s ready for delivery.

“Making sure that we are looking further upstream so that there is minimal impact to our customers In addition to launching new building like this one here in ICT 2 we are making sure that all the product placements and done well in advance so that we are preparing for this holiday season,” said Kwok.

Since the supply is already here Amazon doesn’t have to worry so much about those supply chain shortages. Which is a good thing this time of year as the 1,400 employees, or elves in this case, bring the holidays to you.

“It just kinda amps up that intensity so we know hey we have to deliver smiles or our people here,” said James Kwok.