WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — The Friday night lights shined extra bright for one Kansas family. Not one, but two of their sons got to make history at Eisenhower High School. 

The homecoming court had a very special student-athlete on the field Friday night. His name is Brody May. Two years ago, Brody’s older brother Parker had the honor of winning the homecoming crown. Today, Brody himself stepped into the spotlight. 

“It’s just a special moment for them that they can, they can have that, that time in the sun,” said Dr. Karl May, Brody’s father. 

When Dr. May’s eldest son won homecoming king two years ago, he hoped his younger son Brody would have that same experience. 

“A lot of times, you know, they don’t get that spotlight. It is extraordinarily special for any kid with disabilities,” he continued.

Brody, like his brother Parker, has Down syndrome. However, according to his friend and teammate Tate Trudo, that is not what defines him.

“He’s super giving and just understandable about everything, which is, I think, why everyone likes him so much,” said Trudo.

The students at Eisenhower High School have embraced Brody. So much so that he was nominated for homecoming king.  

“It feels amazing so far. It’s probably my dream come true,” said Brody. 

Winning the crown isn’t the most important thing to him he said. His friends are.

“I love you guys so muchly with all of my heart,” continued Brody.  

A true class act. “That means a lot as a dad because you’ve done something right,” added Dr. May. 

Trudeau said it’s Brody’s ‘let’s do it’ attitude that pushes them to leave it all out on the field.

“Gameday, he’s so cool. It’s awesome just listening to what he has to say, and he keeps all of us up and just brings us all together as one family,” added Trudo.

Friday, Brody’s Eisenhower High family crowned him homecoming king. Brody’s first thoughts? Happy to make his brother proud. 

“I love you Parker. I made it. Let’s go!” concluded Brody