WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Many Wichita sidewalks may not be in the best shape, and for one Wichita south neighborhood, multiple blocks of sidewalks have been repaired, but neighbors are still not happy.

Beth Rush has lived in her Wichita neighborhood for 20 years.

Back in May, Rush told KSN News that her sidewalk was not up to code, and now, the sidewalks have been repaired, but she feels more needs to be done with the cost for homeowners.

“I’m just trying to get answers, and I’m not getting answers from anybody,” said Rush.

Rush said at the end of October, contractors worked for two days to fix up the sidewalks in her neighborhood.

“Many of these sidewalks are lifted up or brought down because of the trees the city planted in the easement,” said Former Wichita City Council member Jared Cerullo.

Rush said the job has not been finished.

“I’ve contacted the city and got no response. I’ve contacted some engineers they won’t respond back,” said Rush.

Rush said there are channels on the edge of the sidewalks, and she worries someone could fall.

City Communications Manager Megan Lovely said the contractor is letting the concrete cure before setting bricks and filling in the edges.

The city plans for the job to be done by the end of the week.

Rush received an estimate back in May that she will have to pay over $1,600 for the sidewalk repairs.

“Most of the people that live in our area are on lower or fixed incomes they cannot afford to pay for these,” said Rush.

But a Kansas law requires homeowners to pay for the sidewalk repairs, according to Wichita City Council member Mike Hoheisel.

“There is a lot of red tape as far as what we can exactly do because of that. So we are putting that on our legislative agenda to have the state legislature look at it,” said Hoheisel.

As for paying for the repairs, there is a deferment option for people who qualify.

Hoheisel said he is working to try and expand the income limits and allow more people to qualify when paying for the sidewalks. Rush hopes the city can find the funds to help her neighborhood.