Being a police officer can be a stressful and demanding job. But, for officers like Bob Bachman, he’s made it his mission in life to keep the citizens of Wichita safe. For the last 39 years, Bachman says he goes through the same routine preparing to hit the streets of Wichita. 

“I don’t know if it keeps you young, as long as I can do it, I’m going to do it until I get tired of it,” said Bachman. 

About to turn 64 years young, Bachman says he still takes pride in putting on the uniform, getting behind the wheel of his police cruiser and hitting the streets of the city’s north side. 

“I patrol the area up here a lot. They see me roll down the streets, and I get a lot of Bachman is here, things are safe you know what I mean,” said Bachman.

Back in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, Bachman helped clean up the streets of what he says was a gang problem taking over North Wichita.

“In 97, we had almost 37 to 40 drive by shootings in one month a lot of that was up in this area,” said Bachman.

Bachman came up with a system to track the suspects, putting their mugs on index cards, and keeping them in the trunk of his car. Gang members soon gave him a famous nickname, because, of his tough stance on crime.

“They started calling me Dirty Harry, and it stuck and then the gang members starting hanging out there, picked it up, and a lot of people really think my first name is Harry,” said Bachman. 

Bachman was one of the first SWAT members at WPD. He was also on the Special Community Action Team, he even ran for Special Olympics as a law enforcement torch barrier. Bachman says he never wanted a promotion, he’s just a beat cop, who is a Hometown Hero.

“Any recognition is welcome. I’m flattered that they think that. I’m just a cop who likes to do his job, who basically, enjoys what I’m doing,” said Bachman.

KSN News 3 asked Officer Bachman if he had any plans to slow down and, maybe retire. Bachman said no way, he is going to stay on the job. 

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