Jan Feyen spent 20 years as a teacher in Wichita. She has since retired.

Now, she is teaching lessons of hope and mercy through her volunteer work at the Salvation Army. 

For the last four years, Jan has volunteered on commodity day at the Salvation Army. It’s where she greets people with a hug and a smile. 

“My Christian faith and trying to be an example to other people to give hope,” said Feyen.

She makes sure those in need get food, clothing, and other supplies. 

“I feel God has blessed me and I think that we should give back,” said Feyen.

Although, before anyone can get items, they have to suffer or enjoy her bad jokes.

“How do cats and dogs get over a fight? They hiss and make up,” said Feyen.

She told us that she gets her material from Reader’s Digest. 

This is no joke. Jan helps with the Angel Tree program and disaster relief. She also gathers coats and supplies for teachers for the Salvation Army. She calls it a humbling experience. 

“Some of those stories of when people come in for the Angel Tree applications and you realize how little they have, how great the need is and  then be able to give the gifts to them. They come to the distribution center that’s really cool,” said Feyen.

Jan believes her compassion has changed lives.

“You know a little kind word, a smile here, a joke there, can really brighten someone’s day. Like I said the power of one is powerful. If you just use that power within you can help to make our community better,” said Feyen. 

But, don’t worry, Jan says she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. She is a Hometown Hero with a deep sense of pride for her community, helping those less fortunate, wherever and whenever she is needed. 

“I love the Salvation Army and Lord willing I’ll be here staying out of trouble,” said Feyen.

Jan moved to Wichita from Chicago more than 20 years ago to be a teacher. She told KSN News she fell in love with the area and never left. Jan says she’s proud to call Kansas her home. 

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