Seven years ago Anita Carpenter retired from Walmart and that’s when she decided to stay off the couch and not watch television, but instead, volunteer at Gently Used Resale Shop, where she’s helping to raise money for Bethesda Lutheran Communities.

On a weekday morning you’ll find Anita, cruising through the aisle of the Gently Used Resale shop in south Wichita. She’s assisting her customers or just stocking the shelves. Her bosses call her a real character. All kidding aside, Anita is volunteering with a purpose. 

“I just know I’m helping somebody, and it gives me a boost, sort of like I just enjoy it. I like helping people,” said Carpenter. 

Gently Used Resale, is part of Bethesda Lutheran Communities, the faith based organization which helps people with intellectual and development disabilities. Anita says the sales of the donated items raises funds for the cause. 

“It actually makes me feel real good in my heart, and the Good Lord we’re helping them and it’s a real good cause,” said Carpenter.

The money from sales at Gently Used Resale also supports education and training resources and employment assistance. 

All that help is why five days a week, five hour shifts, this is Anita’s second home.  

“I just like to keep busy, feel better mentally, physically. I keep active and want to keep active as long as I can,” said Carpenter.

This Hometown Hero takes pride in knowing her hard work is benefiting people in our community.

“I’ve always kept busy. That’s what I’m going to continue to do, until the good Lord takes me,” said Carpenter.

Anita is amazing in her seven years at Gently Used Resale she’s only called in sick a couple of times. She is truly dedicated to her cause.  

If you would like to volunteer or donate to Gently Used Resale, click here.

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