Many people say Jim Snodgrass has a big heart. He retired from his construction company several years ago, but he soon learned a higher power still had one more project for him, build a place to help people in our community.

On a typical day you will find Jim at His Helping Hands like he’s done for more than a decade. He’ll be rolling up his sleeves to help build his latest project. His Helping Hands is a community service ministry of Central Christian Church.

Its leaders asked Jim to help build an additional building for its Fresh Hope program. Jim says it’s a a four month daily program. It takes about 20 women at a time and teaches them skills to be successful in a career and life.    

“My amazing story is that I’ve only had five people in 15 years who told me no for that program.  Helping Hands invests $1.50 per client,” said Snodgrass.

Church leaders had already turned to Jim to construct buildings to collect donations, help veterans, also, a prior facility for the program that helps women get better jobs and get off of welfare. He even got Boeing to donate him some buildings. The 88 year old drives a hard bargain. 

“I’m a hard nosed contractor to do this for nothing and not go into debt, that’s more fun than anything I can think of doing. That’s better than a game of golf to watch something like this, said Snodgrass.

Jim actually finished the original projects for $400,000, way below the planned budget of $1.2 million dollars.

When Jim is not busy collecting donations at the His Helping Hands warehouse, he’s getting local companies to donate their supplies and workers for his fifth project to help local women.

Jim jokes he is now more of a supervisor. He says he doesn’t plan on taking it easy during his retirement. This Hometown Hero believes it’s all about his faith.

“I knew God was in it. I knew that we had to do it on faith, enough that he would do it,” said Snodgrass. 

Jim actually got the original project completed at His Helping Hands in just two years, instead of the five that was planned for and he did it without going into debt. 

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