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Wichita man helps Kansans file their taxes for free

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) - Let's face it most people don't like filing their taxes. All those numbers can be confusing and, it can be expensive to file. But, Vic Brown has been helping thousands of Kansans file for nothing. 

The work is tedious, but Vic loves crunching numbers. He did it for three decades with the IRS, but now that he is retired he's changed his focus.

"It just gives me a good feeling of giving back to the community. When I was working for 32 years with the IRS, I took a lot, now I'm giving back," said Brown. 

He's giving back began when he became a volunteer with the United Way of the Plains. HIs background made him the right guy to help Kansans file through the local tax program, provided by the Best Coalition of South Central Kansas.  

"I probably do a couple hundred a year myself," said Brown.

The United Way works with the IRS' free volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program to help with tax preparation.  To qualify, you have to make less than $54,000, have a disability or speak limited English.

The work has kept Vic busy filing tax returns for thousands of Kansans over the last 15 years. 

"It does because, it's gotten expensive to file a tax return, for some people their refunds would be eaten up with the cost of going to a paid preparer," said Brown.

Vic says he doesn't play golf and doesn't fish. This Hometown Hero wants to spend his retirement helping others.  

"I just feel like I'm doing something anybody should do once they are retired. They should give back to the community," said Brown.

Now, that tax season is over, Vic can take a break. But, if you think he's ready to put away his calculator, he's not. Vic told us he will continue to volunteer until he can't do it anymore.

If you didn't finish your taxes in time, the United Way will have some tax filing sites that will open up later in the year. To find out when and where, you can call 211.

Also, the United Way has an online site where you can file for free, if you make less than $66,000, just go to myfreetaxes.com.

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