WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wednesday was the coldest night of the season so far with temperatures dropping into the teens and even the single digits.

Several Wichitans said they were not expecting temperatures to get this low.

Now, they are making sure they have everything they need to bundle up and get through the freeze.

“It’s pretty cold out if you’re walking,” said Jeffrey Taapken.

“You gotta be dressed right for it,” said McClellan Kenneth, a Wichita resident.

Dominic Winford Johnson lives on the street and had to find ways to keep warm Wednesday.

“I go to the Open Door every morning,” he said. “I go to the transit center, sit in there, talk to the bus drivers.”

And when it started to get dark, he and dozens of other people made their way inside the Lord’s Diner as temperatures continued to drop.

“I can always come to the Diner for a good meal,” said Jaymie Healey, of Wichita.

The Lord’s Diner was also providing other resources.

“We get a lot of requests for blankets and socks and gloves and hats when it starts getting cold,” said Clarissa Clayborn, dining hall manager at the Lord’s Diner.

And, they’ve been going fast.

“I asked the officer if he had any extra blankets, and he blessed me with this one,” said Healey as she held the blanket.

Just a few blocks away, HumanKind Ministries, formerly know as Inter-Faith Ministries, is providing items until their emergency winter shelters open on Friday.

“We’re going to be distributing coats and winter wear like gloves and scarves and hats here out of the administrative office,” said Angela Perez.

HumanKind Ministries will be opening its doors to its men’s and women’s emergency winter shelters this Friday starting at 6.

They will be open through March 31.