Hundreds enjoy Wichita 'Snow Day' before it ends early

The Touchatt family is one of many who came out to enjoy the snow day. 

"My husband had the day off from work so we brought our two boys with us and then my brother-in-law also brought his son out," said Rachel Touchatt. 

A snow day made by man. Snow Brows Snowmakers spent hours turning this area at the Mid-America All Indian Center into a Winter Wonderland. 

"Thank all the kids in Wichita, I mean if you make snow that's great, but it's nothing if you don't put kids in the mix," said Toby Franke of Snow Brows Snowmakers. 

Artificial snow that some say felt like the real deal. 

"It's got a little icy, but it feels the same," said Carter Morris. 

The snow started to melt around noo,n but that didn't slow down the crowd. The snowmaker himself taking notes for the next event. 

"You know I calculate on paper how much I think we need, but in reality, I went way short next ones going to be a lot thicker," said Franke. 

"We've had so much fun today. I hope they do it again. We'll definitely show up earlier so we can get the real white powder snow, and hopefully, they can find a bigger hill somewhere in Wichita so even more kids can enjoy it all," said Touchatt. 

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