Turning pride into action is the aim of a new initiative put on by the Janelle King with the Workroom and the Chung Report. 

“We want to provide a platform for the people in our city to focus for the month of October on what actions each of us as individuals and organizations can take that will help address the real challenges we face. Our hope is that from this time of focus will come new ideas, renewed energy and long-term change,” the mission statement reads.

People are encouraged to come to the Workroom and write a pledge for the month that will improve the city. In exchange, participants get a blacked out Wichita flag: intended to be the opposite of the white flag of surrender. Nearly 400 pledges have been submitted as of Tuesday afternoon, ranging from volunteering at the Lord’s Diner to registering voters.

Josh McGlothlin submitted the 381st pledge card.

“We take our baby and our dog on a walk every evening and its amazing how much trash we see on the streets. I’m going to start bringing a trash bag with me on every walk and start picking up as much trash as I can,” McGlothlin said.

Downtown at the Renfro building, Open Studios ICT artist Casey Joy creates art and invites community members to come in and create alongside of her. Its part of Open Studios, which aims to fill empty buildings with art and artists. Joy’s stay in the Renfro building was scheduled to expire at the end of October.

Michael Ramsey of Bokeh Development which owns the Renfro, pledged three more months stay for Open Studios ICT.

“I felt like a kid at a candy store. It was pretty awesome,” Joy said of hearing the news.

She was so inspired, she went down to the Workroom to make her own pledge.

“It’s up to each person to make a positive change. We can’t just sit back and say ‘Oh I hope things get better’…each person has to make that individual choice to actually do something, get up and do something concrete,” Joy said.

To make your own pledge, visit www.blackoutict.com or visit the Workroom, at 150 N. Cleveland.