Hutchinson police release body cam footage of 'swatting' call

HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KSNW) - The victim of a swatting incident in Hutchinson this week told KSN police surrounded him and his baby. He said he was scared because a lot of officers were shouting different instructions at him and he didn't know who to listen to. 

Friday, KSN asked Hutchinson police about the case, and they have video showing what they say really happened. 

Captain Troy Hoover with Hutchinson PD says it was after watching KSN's story that aired Thursday night that he wanted to review the body camera footage from the swatting incident that took place to see if there were mistakes made on behalf of the officers involved. 

Friday, he sat down and went step-by-step through the footage he let KSN's Chris Arnold watch. 

Tense moments can be seen on an officer's body camera outside a Hutchinson home early Thursday morning.

"The officers are giving clear commands," explains Captain Troy Hoover, Hutchinson Police Department. 

The footage is of a swatting call that took place early Thursday morning that led officers to the home of Michael Kirk.

Kirk can be seen in the video holding his baby in one arm and following the commands given by an officer. 

"I don't want to get shot," Kirk says in the video footage. 

"We aren't here for that bro," replied an officer on the scene. 


It is this type of swatting call that Capt. Hoover says is the first he's seen in his 30 years in the department. He says the officers on scene handled the potentially hostile situation like they were trained to do. 

"Officers, the way they performed the night of this swatting call, they did exactly as they were trained, one officer was delivering the commands, the person coming out of the home was following the commands," said Capt. Hoover. "As long as the person is following the commands of the officers, there really shouldn't be any reason why the situation couldn't be resolved peacefully."

When asked if officers can train for this kind of swatting call going forward, Captain Hoover said their response to a swatting call versus a legitimate call isn't going to be any different. 

He stressed that it is because the information they receive from dispatchers and witnesses is the only thing they usually have to go off of when they respond to a call. 

Tune into KSN at 5:00 for the full story. 

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