WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The crash happened May 5. A Wichita police officer was trying to pull over a stolen car when the driver took off, running a red light at Douglas and Broadway.

The runaway vehicle t-boned Jenny Wood and her family’s vehicle, as well as injuring and totaling the vehicle of another driver.

The crash killed Jenny’s 12-year-old niece and mother.

More than six weeks after the accident and Wood is counting her blessings.

“I wish you could see the goose bumps on my arm,” Wood says.

That voice of Jenny Wood is a voice Wichita has come to know and love. This time she is speaking through a computer from a rehab facility.

She cannot wait to get back home and do what she loves with a new sense of purpose.

“This experience, literally, I know is why I am still here. I am going to fiercely re-approach it with so much more enthusiasm and genuineness,” says Wood. “More than I could have ever hoped for.”

The musician, known for her rock songs, her work with children and her fun loving attitude is just learning how to get back on her feet. Her progress is coming along at a good pace.

“Having so many injuries can mess with your own identity. It has been an incredible experience getting to go through the darkest sides of that, and be able to see the light again. It is amazing,” Wood explains.

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It’s been a difficult road. Not just battling the injuries, but also knowing her mother and niece are no longer here.

The crash happened the same day her father died two years earlier. But in some divine way, she says their relationships are stronger than they’ve ever been.

“Little signs like that from the universe and from all the higher powers. I know that my mom is with me, and I know that Rosie is with me. So, they will be with me very time I sing. They will be with me every time, and I mean it, every time I am living,” says Wood.

Wichita can’t wait to have her back, and they’ve been showing it by rocking out in her honor.

“I could not believe it,” Wood says. “I literally could not believe it.”

She says you better believe she’s “coming back.”

“I hope they feel me writing. I hope they feel me getting so excited for my big comeback show, or just to get back out there and sing with them and play with them and laugh with them,” she says. “I hope they know it is coming.”

Wood says doctors have told her recovery is “miraculous” and she could even be home within the next few weeks.