Wichita’s son. It’s how thousands refer to Lucas Hernandez, the 5-year-old boy, whose disappearance remained a mystery for months until his body was found in rural Harvey County.

Sunday marked one year since the young boy first went missing. KSN’s Sara Berlinger talked to his father about Lucas’ legacy.

KSN met Jonathan Hernandez at a place you may not expect. It’s the area his son’s body was discovered last May. But he and others say it’s become a memorial for Lucas and even a year later, they remember his light here.

Among the trees and brush on this Harvey County road stands a cross, surrounded by flowers and gifts for a beloved little boy. 

“He created so much for a little boy we never knew,” said Julie LaForce, Texas EquuSearch Kansas Chapter.

“He’s important to the world, a lot of people all over the world,” said Sheila Medlam, Texas EquuSearch Kansas Chapter.

“Just a picture of him could tell you so much about him, the look in his eye, the smile on his face,” said Jonathan Hernandez, Lucas’ father.

Lucas Hernandez was first reported missing a year ago from his Wichita home. His disappearance quickly became a community-wide search, that ended here, where his body was found.

It isn’t a dark place, but rather, a place his mother and father can talk to him. And others who searched for him.

“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him or remember things that we would do,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez says whether they were cleaning the house or cooking dinner, little Lucas wanted to be close.

“He always wanted to be right there by your side,” said Hernandez.m “The most sweet, gentle, caring, kind hearted.”

Lucas captured the hearts of thousands, some of them, joining his parents Sunday. They say although it’s difficult to think about what happened to Lucas, it’s important to keep his memory alive. And they look forward to the day they meet again.

“I love my boy very much, and I miss him everyday,” said Hernandez.

The two women who joined Jonathan are part of Texas EquuSearch Kansas, which formed because of the search for Lucas. They say their mission is to use this army to protect children throughout the state.