As Wichita continues to develop, residents in south central Wichita want to improve their neighborhood as well. 

The neighborhood advisory committee, along with the City of Wichita, is looking to update its neighborhood plan by hosting a kick-off meeting tonight.

The south central neighborhood is bounded by Kellogg at the north to Pawnee, and then Washington to the Arkansas River.

“We’re trying to engage as many of the residents in that area to get an idea of what they want for the neighborhood, how they might contribute, what talent and skills and resources they’d be willing to offer to help the neighborhood have an identity,” explained Adam Barlow-Thompson, Neighboring Movement co-founder.

The neighborhood is most know for the South Broadway corridor, an area that sees a lot of crime.

Barlow-Thompson acknowledged this, but said the neighborhood has much more to offer.

“There’s some really wonderful things happening around us that we want to capitalize on,” he said.

The South Central Neighborhood Plan will act as a guide with strategies and priorities for revitalizing the neighborhood’s attractiveness, safety and stability.

A plan was created in 2006, but the advisory committee feels it’s time to take another look at it.

“We’re not defined by our needs,” said Barlow-Thompson. “We’re also defined by these really great things that we have, the people who live here who do want to contribute and make not only Wichita better but really just our neighborhood a place that people want to live.”

South central residents are invited to share their input on the future of the neighborhood.

Some of the major areas the committee would like to focus on include transportation, infrastructure, parks and housing opportunities.

Barlow-Thompsan said he believes a neighborhood won’t get better by just electing the right officials.

“If the neighborhood is really going to get better, it’s going to be individual who live there contributing to the greater whole,” he said.

South Central Neighborhood Plan kick-off meeting

  • January 29, 5:30-7 p.m.
  • Wichita Water Center, 101 E. Pawnee Street

More information can be found at