HAVEN, Kan. (KSNW) – In a reversal, the Haven City Council voted Monday night to allow the logo, “In God We Trust,” on city vehicles.

The Haven City Council meeting was a packed house as attendees showed up to protest the removal of the logo.

“They told the officer he needed to remove that from his vehicle,” said Haven resident James Schlickau. “I don’t believe the process was done correctly.”

Many residents echoed that sentiment, saying the idea of removing the logo was brought up at the end of the last city council meeting. They say that did not allow for public feedback.

The feedback was loud and clear Monday night.

“This is a zoo. This is a circus. This is not what we want,” said Haven resident Cole Rush.

Rush spoke out against the idea of arguing over the logo.

“We have other issues to talk about,” said Rush.

Other residents were happy the council allowed the public input.

Seven others spoke out to have the public input.

“It was done in a manner that excluded us from having a say in what was done,” said Haven resident Sherri Schneider. “I feel like they should take the time to hear what we have to say.”

Other residents were loud and clear they wanted to allow the logo.

After meeting in executive session, the Haven City Council returned, and the mayor asked if anyone wanted to vote on allowing In God We Trust on city vehicles.

The council majority voted to allow the logo once again. The mayor said he’s not surprised.

“No, because the public came out and got with the city council, and they spoke, and our city council followed what the citizens wanted,” said Haven Mayor Adam Wright.