Editor’s note: This story has been updated after clarification from Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) — Tanganyika Wildlife Park announced female Indian Rhino, Monica, is expecting her first baby with male Indian Rhino, Stacks.

Courtesy: Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Monica was Tanganyika’s first Indian Rhino born through artificial insemination.

“Upon arrival, this monumental occasion will mark the first baby born from an Indian Rhino who was born via AI,” Tanganyika said.

According to Tanganyika, one of Tanganyika’s hoofstock keepers, Sierra, was the first to notice a change in Monica’s behavior.

“It started when I noticed a behavior change in Monica. She began closing doors on me and not wanting to go outside or go to the feeding stand. Every day she just wanted to sleep, and of course, we let her,” said Sierra.

A further investigation confirmed Monica’s pregnancy, according to the Park.

“The entire park has been in preparation ever since – ‘baby-proofing’ enclosures with firehose and wood boards while monitoring Monica’s progress daily,” said the Park.

You can keep up with Monica’s pregnancy, including “bumpdates,” on Tanganyika’s social media accounts, such as Facebook.