WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – When severe weather strikes, KSN Storm Tracker 3 rolls out.

Storm Tracker 3 is our mobile weather center. It’s unlike anything else here in Wichita or this side of Kansas. It gives us a close-up view of the approaching threat, so you’ll stay ahead of the storm.

Loaded with the latest in weather and broadcast technology, three cameras are inside. One on the dash. One on the meteorologist and the other on the driver. Taking it to the roof of Storm Tracker 3, that camera rotates completely around, giving us a look at the storms.

We also have weather instruments patched into the vehicle, taking the temperature, wind speed, humidity, dew point and pressure.

Lights surround the top. Whenever a town is hit by severe thunderstorms, electricity often goes out. This will allow us to light the way for first responders.

Inside, we have a laptop with the latest software that we use to analyze the storm in relation to our GPS coordinates. This is the same computer we use inside the KSN Storm Track 3 weather center, only it’s on the road.

In the backseat, you’ll find our broadcasting center where we send our signal back to the station and to you at home.

At the back of Storm Tracker 3, a large monitor brings the weather to you whether it’s at a festival or visiting a school.

When seconds matter, trust that the KSN Storm Tracker 3 and our team will be here for you!